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Tiny Love Double Sided Crib Activity Toy

Tiny Love Double Sided Crib Activity Toy

RM218.00 Regular Price
RM174.40Sale Price

The new innovative Double-Sided Crib Toy by Tiny Love is a 2-in-1 product that turns the crib into an interactive playground. One side is designed to stimulate baby’s curiosity with bright and colorful images, upbeat tunes, and engaging textures. 


The other side’s twinkling lights and thirty minutes of calming music will relax and soothe the baby. With its compact design and universal connector, the Double-Sided Crib Toy can attach to any crib or Play Yard—leaving room for baby’s blankets and other toys. 


Switching from toy to soother is so simple and intuitive. Parents can now put their little one in the crib or Play Yard, knowing that baby is not only safe, but also entertained and engaged.

  • Additional Info


    • Universal connector that fits most cribs and Play Yards units.
    • Easily switches from toy to soother with a single flip.
    • Thirty minutes of continuous music, lullaby and white sound.
    • Six unique activities to develop senses through sit and play time.
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