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QPLAY Future LED Kids Scooter

QPLAY Future LED Kids Scooter

RM299.00 Regular Price
RM199.00Sale Price

With this super sturdy QPlay FUTURE kids scooter, your child can go on an adventure! This kid scooter has PU front wheels with LED lighting, giving the scooter a cool futuristic look. The unique PU wheels also suitable for many different road surfaces. The handlebar is adjustable in height, up to a maximum height of 81cm. In order to bring the scooter to a standstill, the scooter has a footbrake at the back. High quality kids scooter, FUTURE kids scooter also comes with unique integrated LED platform that flashes on the go! We advise you to let your child wear a helmet while using our FUTURE scooter, and there goes your child, to the future!

  • Additional Info


    • Suitable for 3-8 years
    • Child’s weight limit: 50kg
    • Lightweight at 3.2kg
    • One button for full folding
    • Integrated LED platform
    • Integrated LED flashing wheel
    • Integrated foot brake
    • Height adjustable handle bars

    Warranty: 1 year on mechanism

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