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Plan Toys Rattle For Babies

Plan Toys Rattle For Babies


Plan Toys - Sustainably made in Thailand using chemical-free rubberwood, formaldehyde-free glue, organic pigments and water-based dyes.

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    The keys rattle enhances babies’ fine motor skills while they enjoy shaking it. The keys are easy for babies to hold..
    - Toy features soft pastel colors that stimulate a child’s visual senses
    - Strengthens auditory and fine motor skills while developing communication through interactive play
    - Sized for little hands to grab, grip and shake

    The baby key rattle enhances fine motor skills while babies enjoy shaking the toy. The keys are also easy for babies to hold onto..
    - Keys and rattle are sized perfectly for little hands
    - Supports early fine motor skill development and stimulates communication skills
    - A natural wooden finish gives this rattle a classic, sustainable look

    The Bell Rattle comes with an easy grasp handle and wooden beads which help stimulate babies to explore their auditory skills..
    - Strengthen auditory and fine motor skills
    - Encourage early communication through interactive parent-child play
    - Sized for little hands to grab, grip and shake

    The beads rattle comes with wooden ring and soft color beads. It enhances baby’s fine motor skills when a child grasps and shakes..
    - Designed to enhance fine motor skills through play
    - The string of beads can spin around the large ring
    - Can be clipped to clothes or carrier with your favorite clip. Clip not included.

    The ring rattle develop fine motor skills and stimulate baby‘s sound exploring. It is easy to grasp and shake..
    - Encourages fine motor skill development through play
    - The wooden beads spin and rattle as baby grasps and teeths on the toy
    - Watch as baby shakes with joy as they hold onto the soft, rounded edges of the rattle

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