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Pigeon Newborn Pure Purifying Body Wash 200ml

Pigeon Newborn Pure Purifying Body Wash 200ml

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RM35.00Sale Price


In the womb, a baby is protected by a naturally formed layer on its skin. This layer is no longer present after birth. Hence a baby’s skin is less protected, making it more vulnerable and sensitive compared to adult skin.

 PIGEON Newborn Pure Purifying Body Wash is specially formulated to gently cleanse and purify baby’s delicate skin, without causing any irritation

  • Product Info

    • Formulated with by Natulayer™, a layer of moisturizing ingredients that simulates the naturally forming vernix and ceramide found on baby’s skin inside the womb. Natulayer™ hydrate and protect baby’s vulnerable skin from drying out by locking in moisture

    • Free from Paraben, Formaldehyde, Alcohol and any other ingredients that could cause skin irritation

    • Maintains the skin’s fatty protective layer by ensuring balanced pH levels

    • Dermatologically tested to ensure safe use on all skin types

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