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Pigeon 100% Food Grade Liquid Cleanser

Pigeon 100% Food Grade Liquid Cleanser


The PIGEON Bottle Nipple & Vegetable Liquid Cleanser is the ultimate natural cleanser and is essential for baby's health. Tried and tested by mothers all over the world, it has proven to be highly effective in killing bacteria found in milk. Made from 100% food grade ingredients, it is safe and effective for cleaning baby accessories, such as bottles, nipples, pacifiers and toys, and is even suitable for washing fruit and vegetables.

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    • Excellent Cleanser with Anti-Bacterial Features

    -It is not adequate to wash the nursing bottle with water alone. Made from edible carbohydrate delivatives, PIGEON Liquid Cleanser is suitable for washing the nursing bottle because it is able to remove fats and proteins, which cause dirt. PIGEON Liquid Cleanser is a much stronger wash than regular detergent commonly found in kitchens

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    -Safe for Fruits and Vegetables Apart from keeping baby's toys and accessories clean, the cleanser can be used to wash fresh produce as well. Made from edible carbohydrate derivatives, the cleanser is great for keeping baby's accessories squeaky clean and is safe for fruits and veggies as well. It is recommended to wash fruits and vegetables before consumption while pregnant because it effectively sterilizes the fresh produce by removing agricultural chemicals.

    [100% Food Grade]

    -Gentle on Skin There is no need to worry about dry skin as the cleanser foams lightly and rinses off easily, and works to protect the skin.

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