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Mustela very High Protection Sun Lotion (40ml) SPF 50+

Mustela very High Protection Sun Lotion (40ml) SPF 50+

  • Very high protection SPF50+ UVB UVA
  • Very water resistant
  • Reinforces the skin barrier and preserves the cellular richness of babie's and children's skin from UV rays thanks to Avocado Perseose®
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    • Creamy and can be spread easily over your baby’s skin, leaving no sticky residue.
    • t leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and moisturized.
    • With its light and invisible texture on the skin, it is highly resistant to water, sweat and rubbing from towels and clothes.
    • The pump delivers a small quantity of the product so that it can be precisely applied. Perfect for the delicate areas of a baby's or child's face.
    • The airless tube ensures that the product is delivered in optimum hygiene conditions. It retracts as the product is used, so the quantity of remaining product can easily be seen.
    • Ideal for when you are on the move, this pocket format can be slipped into any bag so you can take it wherever you go!
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