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MommyJ Organic Soy Souce

MommyJ Organic Soy Souce


Looking to introduce some new taste for toddler over 1 year old?  Worry about your typical soy sauce brand not suitable for them? 

Try MommyJ soy sauce, made with non-GMO organic soybeans and DOES NOT contain 3-MCPD carcinogenic compound. MommyJ soy sauce comes with a unique dispense control feature to control the amount of soy sauce suitable for chldren consumption.





    • whole non-GMO soybeans.
    • organic wheat flour.
    • sea salt.
    • organic sugar cane.
    • filter water. 

    NO ADDED fructose, plant based extract, fruit based extract ,liquor alcohol, preservatives ,corn syrupcaramel and colouring .

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