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MommyJ Food Powder

MommyJ Food Powder


100% pure ingredients.



    Natural Kombu Powder

    Kombu kelp is known as the King of seaweeds & Super Food with its high nutritional content. High in iodine, essential for thyroid functioning. It has natural source of glutamic acid which enhances flavours with an umami taste (savoury). Widely used in Japanese Cuisine especially dashi stock.


    Organic Mushroom Powder

    Organic Shiitake Mushroom is good for protecting our little ones against diseases and inflections (reduce inflammation). It also knows to moderate cholesterol levels, rejuvenate red blood cells, and it contains all eight essential amino acids.

    Enjoy the smoky yet earthy organic mushroom powder which is low on calories and high in fiber.


    Premium Chicken Powder 

    Premium chicken is one of the best sources of lean meat protein which helps child’s muscle growth and development. It comes with fewer amounts of saturated fats; with plentiful of minerals and vitamins including vitamin B,E,K and calcium. It’s a good source of omega-3 fatty acids that exhibit beneficial cardiovascular effects.


    Premium Scallop Powder

    Scallops are nutrient-dense, good source of protein, Vitamins B6, E and almost no fats. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids helps in baby's brain & eyes development .

    Scallops are prove to be a heart-friendly food as they lower triglyceride levels and reduce the risk of blood clots.

    It has delicately mild sweet flavor.


    Premium Whitebait Powder

    Whitebait know as baby anchovy. It is rich in minerals especially DHA (Omega-3) with its critical fatty acids for baby brain development.

    It also high in protein, calcium and iron which are good for our little ones.

    Whitebait is softer in texture, highly recommended for younger ones.


    Premium Anchovy Powder

    Premium quality anchovy without head & guts being used with edible bone are blended in finely and to be consumed for greater source of Calcium.

     Anchovy is one of the top food for kid with many health benefits including helping to build strong bones.
     Anchovy taste stronger compare to Whitebait, preferably for stronger taste bud.

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