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MommyJ Baby Teething Rusk

MommyJ Baby Teething Rusk


Do parents find baby increase in drool recently?
Do parents find baby has more biting recently?
Above are one of the teething symptoms parents should look out for.

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    Net Weight : 84g ( 14g x 6 packs )


    • MommyJ Baby Teething Rusks contain all the natural healthy ingredients which are highly beneficial for your baby.
    • Each stick of  MommyJ Baby Teething Rusks weight (14g ; while normally available rusk is only weight 8g).
    • texture of  MommyJ Baby Teething Rusks are custom made of 75% heavier and more compact in a stick.
    •   MommyJ Baby Teething Rusks with No Added Salt version is specifically designed for baby!
    • They are Free from artificial color & preservatives, which makes them a healthy choice for your baby.
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