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Moji Yippy Starter Set

Moji Yippy Starter Set


Moji Yippy High Chair Accessories.


Do you want to use the adjustable high chair from birth or do you want even more safety, comfort and flexibility for your child? With the original YIPPY high chair accessories, you can be sure to find the right thing to suit your needs.


YIPPY - STARTER SET (Not Include High chair)
The stable safety bar and enhanced backrest provide your child with the best possible support for their first attempts at sitting together with the family at dinner table, giving them particularly firm support.


  • Starter set with protective bar and backrest for the Yippy high chair ensures maximum sitting comfort and stability
  • No tools required: simple attachment to the seat board with the help of turning knobs
  • Suitable for children from approx. 6 months, or when the child can sit upright without support, up to approx. 3 years (15kg)
  • Extra stable so plates & cups can be used safely
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