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Moji Yippy Plain High Chair

Moji Yippy Plain High Chair

RM1,399.00 Regular Price
RM1,199.00Sale Price

The YIPPY PLAIN high chair is made of robust rubberwood, which makes it particularly
stable. The top-quality high chair is also very resistant to moisture. Ideal when spills
happen at mealtimes. The chair can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.
Available in many different colours, the high chair will go perfectly with your
individual style


Adaptable + Versatile - The chair with a high AQ. Yippy possesses a high AQ (adaptability quotient).
It adjusts seamlessly through it’s daily functions, as well as when your baby
transitions from toddler to young child and beyond. 


Aesthetics + Function :
- A centerpiece for urban homes
- Modern aesthetic fits perfectly in any home
- A sturdy furniture piece made with premium
natural wood
- Thoughtfully designed with German & Japanese
- Sustainable and durable
- Designed for everyone in the family


Tool-free Simple slot in and out design - Slide-in / out seat and footrest panels lock easily into place without tools to promote proper ergonomic support. 


Fold flat for easy storage -  Anti-flip extensions ensure maximum stability. Simply fold flat and store anytime for a clutter-free

  • Additional Info


    Additional features :

    • Adjustable for all ages (6 months to adults)
    • Tool-free assembly + instant adjustment
    • Slide-in / out panels that lock securely in place
    • Fold for easy storage
    • Anti-flip gliders to ensure maximum stability
    • Additional accessories & textiles for ultimate comfort
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