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Lunavie Home and Car Warmer

Lunavie Home and Car Warmer


No more worries to keep your baby’s milk warm, heat up their food or sterilize their food accessories. With Lunavie Electronic Bottle and Food Warmer, you can use it at home or in the car. It helps warm the milk, heat up the food and sterilize your baby’s food accessories very quickly and evenly. Water is required for it to work.


Features :

- Easy to use control panel.

- A bowl to heat up food, a plug and car converter is provided.

- Convenient as it can be use at home or in the car.

- Heats gently and gradually hence it is safe.

- It’s energy saving so you can save money on bills.

- Simple usage instruction. Just add in water and press the key

- Compatible with all conventional baby bottles and jars.

- The Indicator lights turns red and stop flickering to indicate that it reached the intended temperature.

- It will automatically remain at constant temperature once it reached the required temperature.


3 Temperature key button:

- “Warm Milk” key (40°C) – Warming & Keeping warm milk.

- “Heating Food” key (70°C) – Heat food like porridge & egg.

- “Sterilize” key (100°C) – It can sterilize the teats, spoons & other items.


Home Use Operation Keep warm:

  • Keep food/drinks constantly warm. Pure 100ml of pure water and cover it with the dust cover before pressing the “Warm Milk” key. The corresponding indicator light will light on and flicker then turn red after the temperature reach 40°C. It will automatically keep the temperature at constant.
  • Heat up: Pour 230ml of pure water into the warmer before adding the bowl with food and covers it with the bowl cover before pressing the “Heating Food” key.
  • Sterilizing: Put the insulation frame and 60ml of pure water before putting in the bottle, nipple or other feeding items into the warmer then cover it using the bowl cover. Then simply press on the sterilize key.


Car Use Operation

  • Keep warm: Connect the plug and DC-DC converter before inserting the converter when use in car. Place the bottle in warmer and simply press the “Warm Milk” key to keep it warm. It will automatically keep it in constant temperature.
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