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Lille Baby Tie The Knot Wrap

Lille Baby Tie The Knot Wrap

RM269.00 Regular Price
RM135.00Sale Price

Introducing the incredible new LILLEbaby Tie-the-Knot Wrap! Tie-the-Knot Wrap is made from luxuriously soft Tencel fabric, which possesses amazing support with natural breathability, softness and moisture control.The clever design features gives you simplified wrap solutions you will love.Thank you lillebaby for:

  • Neck support pocket to provide additional support for baby’s neck and head.
  • Neat Tail Pockets to eliminate tail drag – easier to put on by yourself with no excess dragging material – Yay!
  • Luxuriously soft Tencel – lightweight, breathable, super soft and eco- friendly.
  • Additional Info


    Tie-the-Knot Wrap is made from exceptionally lightweight fabric which is organically developed through an eco-friendly process. Like all LÍLLÉbaby® designs, the Tie-the-Knot Wrap brings innovation to your baby wearing journey.

    Tie-the-Knot’s thoughtful design allows you to easily secure excess fabric, keeping the ends off the ground and simplifying the wrapping process.

    The unique neck support pocket holds a rolled cloth or cushion to increase comfort and support for newborn necks.

    It’s a lightweight and fantastically airy addition to your baby wearing collection, and the perfect way to cuddle your newborn close before you transition to the COMPLETE!


    Features :

    • Lightweight:Fantastically airy and eco-friendly Tencel fabric offers supportive stretch, luxurious softness, and is remarkably - breathable to keep baby and wearer comfortably cool.
    • Innovative:Game-changing design offers a solution to long ends that drag or are hard to manage – our pocket/elastic system keeps ends tucked neatly away while you wrap, for easy, clean tying!
    • Versatile:Tie-the-Knot is designed to fit a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with enough length to accommodate larger wearers, and pockets to store extra length for smaller shapes.
    • Supportive:Optimal stretch fabric for a secure and weightless carry, and by adding a rolled cloth or onesie to our neck support pocket, you can provide added stability and comfort for newborns.
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