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Kuo Health Baby Rice Cracker (Mix Flavour)

Kuo Health Baby Rice Cracker (Mix Flavour)


100% Taiwan Pure Brown Rice

  • nature
  • non-fried
  • zero added
  • no burden
  • Additional Info


    Product Name: Rice Cracker
    Ingredients: Purple Rice, Brown Rice (Xiangmi 71)
    Net weight: 50 grams


    • Good field produces good rice, using pure turbid water rice, 100% Taiwan pure brown rice to make rice crackers,
    • Insist on not frying, no edible oil, no artificial coloring, no fragrance, no preservatives, no chemical additives,
    • There are rich nutrients in brown rice, dietary fiber, full of strong rice flavor
    • Production with professional farmers, select 100% Taiwanese rice, transparent production process, and comprehensive international safety verification, safe and secure double
    • Passed strict checks and required strict CAS certification of Taiwan's excellent agricultural products
    • The rice is tested by the taste value and the freshness of the rice is checked to ensure the safety of the rice and the quality is stable.
    • Please eat as soon as possible after opening to maintain its natural rice and crispy taste


    Origin: Taiwan
    Applicable age: more than six months
    Effective date: marked on the package

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