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K-Mom Hand Soap Zero Dust (Fruity Floral) 250ml

K-Mom Hand Soap Zero Dust (Fruity Floral) 250ml

RM25.80 Regular Price
RM23.20Sale Price

Moist! Nourishing! Our children's hands clean after outing!

  • Product Info

    • Smooth and Abundant Bubble -  It is a soft and foaming type, which can easily clean and maintain the hygienic state for ever child and adult after going out.

    • Plant derived safe ingredient - Contains cleaning ingredients for sensitive infants to adults skin, to care and clean.

    • Moisturizing Nourishment without irritation - It is not dry even washed frequently and contains moist and nourishing power, which keeps your skin smooth.

    • Hand hygiene guard before/after outing - You can protect your child's health from colds and various viruses simply by washing your hands before and after outings.

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