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Bumbo Multi Seat 3 in 1 (Free Elipse Bowl)

Bumbo Multi Seat 3 in 1 (Free Elipse Bowl)

RM330.00 Regular Price
RM239.00Sale Price

The Bumbo® multi seat is designed for babies and toddlers who can already sit up unaided. You can convert this multi seat to accommodate the different stages of your child’s development. The leg openings are larger than the Bumbo® floor seat’s, the backrest is not as round, and the seating does not slope like the Bumbo® floor seat’s, allowing more room for growing toddlers.


The Bumbo® multi seat is intended for babies between 6 and 36 months. Once your baby can sit up unaided, we recommend the Bumbo® multi seat, which allows more freedom of movement for older babies and toddlers.

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    Three Stages
    The Bumbo® multi seat can be used in three stages, adapting it to the growing needs of your child. You can use it as a floor seat, strap it to an adult chair for feeding time in place of using a highchair, and you can use it as a booster by removing the pad.

    Stow Away Tray
    The Bumbo® multi seat tray can be easily detached and manoeuvred with one hand to stow it away neatly in its slot behind the backrest of the seat.

    Adjustable Height
    The seat has two height settings to accommodate your growing child.

    Attachment Straps
    The buckles of the attachment straps can be neatly stowed away in its slots on either side of the Bumbo® multi seat.

    Removable Pad
    As your baby grows, the soft foam pad of the baby multi seat can be removed and stowed neatly inside the seat to provide more room for your growing toddler.

    Non-slip Base
    The base of the seat has non-slip pads and a smooth rounded surface to avoid damage to furniture.

    Easy to Clean
    All parts of the multi seat for toddlers are easy to wipe off using a damp cloth and mild detergent as required.

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