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Boboduck Belle Wireless Portable  Breast Pump

Boboduck Belle Wireless Portable Breast Pump

RM149.00 Regular Price
RM109.00Sale Price
  • Boboduck Belle Wireless Breast Pump’s suction is very soft and painless.
  • Using 100% food grade material and medical silicone, BPA Free.
  • Help mothers overcome problems of flat or inverted nipples to breastfeed successfully.
  • Massage first and then suck breast, fully suck breast milk. Increase breast milk volume.
  • PPSU Wide Neck bottle
  • Additional Info

    Material :  Silicone PPSU, ABS
    Bottle capacity:160 ml / 6 oz (PPSU Material)
    Nipple hole size:24 mm
    Use time after fully charged: 3 – 4 times
    Charging time: 3 – 4 hours to fully charge
    Dimensions :150 x 195 x 88 mm / 5.9 x 7.4 x 3.4 inches

    Three modes:

    • Simulate real breast pumping mode– 9 gears adjustment and stimulate actual the baby’s sucking breast milk frequency
    • Massage galactagogue mode – 9 gears adjustment after galactagogue for two minutes and automatically switch to breast pumping mode
    • Nipple traction mode – 3 gears adjustment and help mothers overcome problems of flat or inverted nipples to breastfeed successfully


    Warranty : 1 Year

    Packing: 1 unit (1 side only) / pack



    Features :

    • 9 levels of 3 modes can be set freely (Massage/Lactation/Pumping)
    • All in one design, easy to carry. It is same as an weight of apple.
    • Anti-Backflow design which separates the milk and air, ensures milk’s hygiene.
    • - Soft silicone breast shield perfectly fit the shape of mom’s breasts, without pain.
    • Petal design make the breast pad into massage petal pad is improve breast fit and comfort.
    • Boboduck Belle Wireless Breast Pump equipped with silent design without noise while working (40 DB)
    • Memory function : Remember the suction used last time (Upgrade version )
    • USB charging .Can charge the device with power banks or handphone adapter.
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