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BeSafe iZi Modular i-Size

BeSafe iZi Modular i-Size

RM3,198.00 Regular Price
RM1,999.00Sale Price

The iZi Modular concept is the new innovative child safety system from BeSafe, used from newborn up to approximately 4 years!


The iZi Modular i-Size can be used both rearfacing and forward facing on the same base. The base module can be extended to allow more legroom for the child, which means children up to the age of about four years (105 cm tall) can be transported rearfacing.


Very easy installation in the car

The BeSafe iZi Modular i-Size can easily be installed on the iZi Modular i-Size base. Just click the seat onto the base and you are ready to go. The iZi Modular i-Size can be used both rearfacing and forward facing.


Comfort for your child

The iZi Modular i-Size adapts to your growing child with the adjustable headrest and the body hugger. The smart magnet system keep the harness out of the way when they are not in use. The very good sleeping positions make this the perfect choice.


Very good safety

The BeSafe iZi Modular i-Size performes very well in crash tests and meets the severe UN R129 side impact criteria. The SIP+ placed on the side towards the car door, increases the safety of the child if an impact should happen.

  • Additional Info


    • Rear facing: 61 – 105 cm
    • Forward facing: 88 – 105 cm
    • Approx age: 6 months – 4 years (Disclaimer)
    • Max weight: 18 kg
    • Facing: Rear- and forward installation with iZi Modular i-Size ISOfix base
    • Approved: UN r 129 (i-Size)
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