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BB Diapers

BB Diapers


Bb Diapers® is the first Malaysian-made diapers that manufactures our diapers in a Clean Room facility - a strict hygiene management that prevents any dust and dirt from the outside environment to enter the premise by implementing mandatory "air showers" at the plant entrance. Before sealing the pack, Bb Diapers® goes through up to 3 levels of quality control sections with highly sensitive sensors during the production process to maintain optimum quality.



    • Special Absorbent Layer Technology : Honey-Comb designed base locks fluid quickly, with increased absorption capacity up to 750ml.
    • High Quality Materials : Made only with baby-friendly cotton, with flexible waistband 3M side seal.
    • Triple Leaking Protection : Customised Canal Core Technology ensure fluid remains within the diaper.
    • Breathable Backsheet : Allows optimum air circulation to provide dry comfort.
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