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Baby Bear Diapers

Baby Bear Diapers



Honey-Comb designed base locks fluid quickly, with increased absorption capacity up to 500ml.



Made only with baby-friendly cotton, with flexible waistband 3M side seal.



Customised Canal Core Technology ensure fluid remains within the diaper.​

  • Additional Info


    • 100% SAP : To prevent your baby from scary rashes, SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer), a technological marvel, absorbs a lot of liquids, a lot quicker than wool pulps or cotton.
    • SAP Netting : With the specially researched SAP Netting, any absorbed liquid is distributed automatically throughout the 100% SAP diapers.
    • Broader waistband : Similar to the Inner Linings, waistbands are wrapped around your baby for long hours so comfort and reliability is most important.
    • Manufactured with Customised Machinery in Clean Room : Mindfully customised from research and development into each process, so that diapers that are eventually worn by your baby have gone through highest standards of quality assurance.
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