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B&B Laundry Soap for Baby Fabric 200g (Chamomile)

B&B Laundry Soap for Baby Fabric 200g (Chamomile)


B&B Laundry Soap Bars have 4 options - Stain removal (Rosemary), Anti-bacterial (Lavender), Baby Laundry (2 fragrances Acasia and Chamomile).
Why Use B&B Laundry Soap Bars?
It's safe washing for baby clothes stained with food, urine and faeces

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    • Patented formula made of 7 natural extracts that protects the skin and has an anti-bacterial effect (fermented bean, willow tree, portulaca, cinnamon, oregano, cypress tree, root of skullcap)
    • No harmful substances (Tar color, preservative, fluorescence brightening agent)
    • Safe washing with high purity(97%) soap
    • Great results when used with boil-wash means to remove milk stain and faeces (Korean traditional way of laundry washing)
    • Chamomile fragrance helps baby to have better sleep
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