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Avent Thermal Bottle Warmer On-the-go

Avent Thermal Bottle Warmer On-the-go


For times when you need to feed your baby on the go, this bottle warmer makes it possible to warm your milk anytime, anywhere. Boiled water in the thermos flask stays hot for up to 6 hours and bottles can be warmed within 2.5minutes.


Simply place the bottle in the beaker, pop open the pouring lid of the pre-filled thermos flask and pour the hot water into the beaker. Screw the lid on the beaker for fast, easy and safe baby bottle warming.

  • Additional Info


    • Ready in 2.5 min - quickly warm up feeds 
    • Protective lid - close the beaker during heating 
    • Warming reference guide - on beaker for convenience 
    • Warms multiple feeds - heat up multiple bottles with hot water from one pre-filled thermal flask ( 500 ml )
    • Easy pouring lid - clear open / close position and  easy to clean 
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