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Autumnz - Portable Baby Bottle Warmer (FREE one Bottle)

Autumnz - Portable Baby Bottle Warmer (FREE one Bottle)

RM169.00 Regular Price
RM152.10Sale Price

Portable : easy to carry around and to warm or preserve heat of milk/water at anytime and anywhere
Easy to use : you just need to twist the feeding bottle to the warmer unit or fit with the appropriate adapter (adapter can be purchased separately depending of type of bottle used) for a secure fit. 

One key operation : just long press and hold the on/off button for two seconds to start and stop the warmer.

Comes with 3 temperature settings:  37°C, 40°C and 45°C. Will automatically keep the milk/water warm when once it reaches the temperature set.

Rechargeable with Type-C cable (included here): Recommended to use 5V-3A adapter or 10000mAh power bank to charge the warmer. 

  • Additional Info


    • Made from Medical Grade SUS 316 Stainless Steel Heating Plate
    • Comes with silicone cover
    • BPA Free
    • Warranty : 1 Year


    Note:  using 5V-3A adapter : takes approximately 1.5-2.5 hours to fully charge

    Can use up to 2-4 heating cycles after a full charge, depending on the temperature and volume of milk/water in the feeding bottle (Boleh digunakan untuk panaskan susu/air 2-4 kali sekiranya dicaj sepenuhnya dan bergantung kepada suhu & kuantiti susu/air di dalam botol). 

    Can keep milk/water warm for 2-6 hours after a full charge, depending on the volume of liquid (Boleh digunakan untuk menahan kepanasan air/susu selama 2-6 jam selepas dicaj sepenuhnya, bergantung kepada kuantiti air/susu) 

    Fits most of feeding bottles : can fit to Autumnz Wide Neck Feeding Bottles. However, for wide neck/ standard neck feeding bottles of other brands, adapter need to be purchased separately according to the type of feeding bottle used for a secure fit.
    Content : 1 warmer unit , 1 silicone cover (bottle is not included)

    * Please read the enclosed Manual Guide before using this product*

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