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Apple Tree Glass Bottle 5oz x 2

Apple Tree Glass Bottle 5oz x 2

RM105.79 Regular Price
RM79.00Sale Price
  • * COMPATIBLE with Pigeon SoftTouch Teat and Eko teat.
  • It is essential to store your expressed (pumped) breast milk properly to maximize its nutritional and anti-infective qualities. Human milk actually has anti-bacterial properties that help it to stay fresh. Your milk is a living substance so precious some call it "white blood". So, choose THE BEST milk storage bottles (Glass) to store your priceless precious breast milk.
  • Designed in consultation with International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) & medical specialists!!! 100% BPA Free 3 in 1 usage, specially design for storing breast milk, & also can be used for food storage & feeding purpose. Can be Sterilised Wide neck and spoon friendly design
  • Made of neutral Borosilicate glass which does not break easily Specially designed streamline body shape cater for easy gripping & handling
  • 1 box contains: 2 x high quality bottles (5oz/150ml capacity) 2 x sealing discs 2 x screw caps
  • Safe & Non-toxic
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